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Directions to the Townhouse:

Please follow these directions when coming to the townhouse, as this is the simplest way to get there. Keep in mind that it is much easier to navigate mountain roads in daylight. Again, Please do not follow any other directions such as Yahoo maps, mapquest, etc.

From Denver, CO:

Take I-70 West to Exit #203; Frisco, Breckenridge, Highway 9 South exit; Go South on Highway 9 Through Frisco To Breckenridge Approximately 10 miles. ( Take note as you go through Frisco of; Wal-mart on your right and AB ski rental on your left. If you have any shopping to do you should do it here because there are not really any department stores in Breckenridge.) As you come to Breckenridge Highway 9 will turn into main street. (When you first get into downtown Breck take note of French st. west of Main on French is The City Market (which is a very large grocery store) Post Office, Barber Shop, Urgent and Family Care,Liquor store,Pizza etc...) Follow main Street through downtown. As Main st. starts to go up hill you will see a Conoco station. Turn left at this stop light which is where Boreas Pass Road begins and take it 2.2 miles to Baldy Road (only on your left side). Turn Left on Baldy Road and take it 1 mile until you see Atlantic Lode Road (only on your right side). Turn right on Atlantic Lode Road and you will see the gray townhouses (Rock Ridge Town homes, 41 Alantic Lode Road).    

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Map of 41 Atlantic Lode
Breckenridge, CO 80424

Breckenridge Home Rental




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